Map of Joo Chiat Road / Estate, Onan Road, Haig Road, Geylang Serai, Malay Village and Engku Aman Road in Singapore

This map shows the Joo Chiat / Geylang Serai residential/retail district. Joo Chiat Road is one of the major arterial roads that runs through the heart of this traditional private residential estate with a strong historical heritage of local/Malay/Peranakan(Straits-born Chinese) culture. The road is now flanked mostly by shop-houses with a majority of them being restaurants/eateries (many popular and well-known ones) and drinking pubs. Onan Road, parallel to Joo Chiat Road, runs the span of the estate from Geylang Road in the north to East Coast Road in the south.

Along the upper part of the map, running one-way east-west is Changi Road which joins to Geylang Road. The south side of these roads is dotted with low-rise shop-houses, commercial/office buildings, mini shopping centres and a food centre. One of the more prominent, albeit somewhat dilapidated, buildings along this stretch is the Joo Chiat Complex. It houses mostly retail shops selling household goods, furniture, clothing, textiles and consumer items.

The Malay Village, a venue developed to showcase Singapore's Malay culture and heritage is located at Engku Aman Road and Geylang Serai, near the upper-left part of the map.

In the top-right quadrant, is a series of 'Lorongs', starting with Lorong 101 Changi, to Lor 102/104/105/106/107, and ending with Lorong 108 Changi. Down south from these streets, running perpendicular, is Langsat Road, followed by Joo Chiat Terrace. Further south to the lower-right quadrant are Joo Chiat Place, Tembeling Road, Everitt Road, Mangis Road and Joo Chiat Lane.

East to the lower-right quadrant, are Haig Road, Crane Road, Carpmael Road, Ceylon Road, Butterworth Lane, Ipoh Lane and Thiam Siew Avenue. This area comprises an interesting and variegated mix of HDB/private residential housing, condominiums, churches, a hotel (Lion City Hotel), association/club buildings (CDAC) and retail centres/shops. Another arterial road for the area, Tanjong Katong Road can be seen running north along the left edge of the map to meet Geylang Road.

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