Map of Geylang Road (Upper Lorongs 24 to 42), Sims Avenue, Guillemard Road and Geyland East Community Library in Singapore

This map shows Geylang, Geylang East (HDB) Estate, and the Guillemard Road area. Geylang is a mixed private residential and commercial/office district. It is also well-known as a designated red-light district in Singapore. Houses here are mostly low-rise shop-house style establishments, walk-up apartments, and low-to-medium height condominiums. Geyland is also well-known for its food joints - from small cafes to coffeeshops to vegetarian eateries and Chinese seafood restaurants. Many of the coffeeshops and some eateries operate round-the-clock if not till late (or early in the morning) - no doubt to serve a clientele here as often for the food as for the seedy night-life.

Three major arterial roads envelop Geylang : the north is bounded by Sims Ave (running west-to-east); the south is bounded by Guillemard Road; the eponymous Geylang Road cuts through the middle of Geylang, slicing the area into halves, with branching side-roads named 'lorongs'. Those in the northern half, leading to/from Sims Avenue are odd-numbered : Lorong 27 Geylang, Lor 27A/29/31/33/35/37/39 and Lorong 41 Geylang. Those south of Geylang Road, leading to/from Guillemard Road are named with even numbers : Lorong 24 Geylang, Lor 24A/26/28/30/32/34/36/38/40 and Lorong 42 Geylang.

Geylang is a sprawling low-rise patchwork of old and new buildings, terrace shop-houses, walk-ups and condos. Besides living accommodations and eateries, workers' quarters/hostels and budget hotels are also common here. For an area that is probably Singapore's largest night-life district, Geylang is also ironically home to many Buddhist temples/associations, at least two mosques, and a church. Many traditional Chinese trade associations and clan societies have also made their homes here.

In the top part of the map is the Geylang East Community Library, one of the branches of the National Library.

Near the right/lower part of the map is City Plaza, an old shopping centre filled mostly with apparel shops, many selling ladies' clothing and shoes. South of City Plaza is a cluster of old landed/terrace houses (Pebble Lane, Gray Lane, Sandy Lane and Green Lane). The Singapore Korean School is located here at 74 Lim Ah Woo Road, Singapore 438134.

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