Map of Toh Guan Road, IMM Shopping Mall, Toh Guan Road East and Toh Guan Loop in Singapore

This map shows the mainly industrial/commercial area of Toh Guan Road, Toh Guan Rd East and Toh Guan Loop. Industrial factories and warehouses are located in this zone, not far from Jurong Central. A major landmark in this area is the IMM mega-mall - a popular shopping destination for many residing in the west of Singapore.

The area east (right) of Toh Guan Road is populated with factories and warehouses. The Ulu Pandan NeWater Reclamation plant which reclaims and processes recycled water using membrane technology is located here. The plant has a processing capacity of 32 million gallons of water per day and was officially opened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 15 March 2007.

Some HDB housing apartment blocks (Toh Guan Road) are found in the upper-left corner of the map, north of IMM.

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